Mary Liberton

It’s All About Mary

Mary is an active senior who goes regularly to the gym and takes her dogs on daily walks.  Mary also has “three knees.” 

About two years ago, Mary came to Des Peres Hospital’s outpatient physical therapy department for post-surgical care after a partial knee replacement on her right knee.  

“Initially, I came out of convenience,” she said. “Des Peres Hospital is only a few miles from my house”.

Mary worked with therapist Marla Bradley and enjoyed the fact that she was seen one on one for services.  “I liked the fact that it was just Marla and I working together as a team.”

Mary was so pleased with the service that when she had to convert to a full knee replacement on her right knee the following year, she came back for rehab with Marla.

Earlier this year, in February 2017, Mary had her “third knee” when she had a full knee replacement surgery on her left leg.  She is back again working with Marla.

“I get the individualized attention that I wouldn’t get anywhere else,” said Mary.