Gina Umbertino

Walking Pain Free After Double Knee Makoplasty

Gina Umbertino has been a patient at Des Peres Hospital for many years. In 2015, she had weight loss surgery at the hospital’s MyNewSelf bariatrics program. One of her reasons for having the procedure was the help with knee pain likely caused by damage from being overweight. Gina lost 150 pounds after her weight loss surgery but unfortunately her knee problems persisted.

She decided to seek help from Scott Zehnder, M.D., an orthopedic surgeon on staff at Des Peres Hospital. He determined that she needed to have both knees replaced and they would start with the right knee because it was worse.  “We discussed my options and Dr. Zehnder recommended a new procedure called Makoplasty,” says Gina. “After doing some research I learned that the recovery time can be much faster and that seemed like the best option for me.”

Dr. Zehnder performed Makoplasty surgery on Gina’s right knee in March 2016.  She was so pleased with the results for her first knee that she came back for her other knee. “The surgery went great and I was up and moving easily in a few days,” says Gina. “I was so impressed with my right knee surgery that I went ahead with my left knee!” Dr. Zehnder performed Makoplasty surgery on her left knee in May 2016, just six weeks after her first surgery.

Gina is back to walking without knee pain. “Before my surgeries, I was in pain constantly and every day was a struggle for me,” says Gina. “I love Dr. Zehnder and had such a great experience. Now, I have no pain. It’s a miracle!”

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