Therapy & Rehabilitation Services

Physical Therapy and More

When you’re recovering from an injury, surgery or illness, you can depend on the therapists and rehabilitation specialists of Des Peres Hospital to help. Our physical, occupational and speech therapists work in concert with our medical staff to coordinate patient care. Experience the difference that friendly, caring professionals can make.

Physical Therapy (PT)

The physical therapists at Des Peres Hospital are skilled professionals dedicated to providing quality care our patients to reduce pain and restore function following injury, illness or surgery.

Each person is evaluated and treated with an individualized program designed to meet his or her specific needs, whether the goal is to return to work, a favorite sport or simply to be free of pain.

Our services include:

Occupational Therapy (OT)

An occupational therapist’s overall goal is to help people continue to take care of themselves and safely resume as many of their activities of daily living as possible. They do so by looking at the daily tasks people must do to care for themselves, then breaking these tasks down into parts to make them safer and easier to do.

OT practitioners are skilled professionals who focus on the social, emotional and physiological effects of illness and injury.

Our therapists offer care during acute medical stays and on an outpatient basis. They have an important role in helping people recover from total joint replacement, upper extremity injury, arthritis or the effects of stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s or other neurological problems.

Speech Therapy

Speech-language pathologists evaluate and treat speech and language disorders, including voice, cognitive communications, fluency disorders, swallowing and related disorders in people of all ages.

At Des Peres Hospital, our speech therapists can help you recover communication, cognition and swallowing competence following stroke, head injury or disease. Our therapists may perform modified barium swallows, which are X-ray procedures that can be useful in determining swallow function and in recommending diet consistencies.


A prescription from your doctor is required for your care. 
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