Interpretive Language Service

We Speak Your Language

We want to remove the barriers of communication between patients, their families and our medical team. If you’re not fluent in English, or have other communication needs, please let us know.

Language Interpreters

Interpreters are available to help facilitate communications with any patient who’s not fluent in English. We can provide interpreters to communicate in the language you are most comfortable speaking. Your nurse will coordinate these services upon request. It’s recommended that you use a medical interpreter instead of a family member or friend, as it’s important that medical information is translated accurately so that you can make informed health care decisions.

For the Sensory Impaired

Des Peres Hospital can provide sensory-impaired patients and the sensory-impaired relatives of patients the following services at zero additional cost: interpreters, TDD, captioning, Braille materials, qualified readers and/or other auxiliary aids upon request.

Captioned Televisions — In all patient rooms and common areas with TVs, they are equipped with caption capability (or caption decoders for standard televisions sets). 

Telephones — Des Peres Hospital has access to TDDs or telephones with amplified sound and hearing aid compatibility.

Other Special Needs

If you have special needs and/or need specialized equipment, please advise your nurse.