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Hospital as Art Gallery?
by Des Peres | Oct 23, 2012

“Art @ Des Peres Hospital” Showcases Local Talent with Goal of Enriching Patient Experience

Des Peres Hospital today launched a new exhibit in collaboration with Art Saint Louis (, the St. Louis Artists’ Guild (, Foundry Art Centre ( and VSA Missouri (

The project, “Art @ Des Peres Hospital,” was developed with the guidance of the Regional Arts Commission.  It brings original art by artists from the greater St. Louis area to the walls of Des Peres Hospital with the goals of enriching the patient and visitor experience and showcasing the deep pool of talent in the region.

“Coming to a hospital is a stressful experience for most people, whether they are coming as a patient or as a visitor,” said John Grah, chief executive officer for Des Peres Hospital. “It is well documented that art can help in the healing process.  Art can take us out of the moment by giving us something else to focus on. It is our hope with this exhibit that we can create a richer environment and a more pleasant experience for our patients and guests, not to mention our employees and medical staff.”

“The Regional Arts Commission (RAC) is happy to have played a role in bringing together Des Peres Hospital and the arts partners that will be featured in the exhibit.  RAC is committed to elevating the vitality, value and visibility of the arts in the region and the hospital’s new project is a prime example of how important the arts art to every aspect of our lives,” said Jill McGuire, executive director of the Regional Arts Commission. 

“This is the first of its kind in St. Louis,” said Chandler Branch, executive director of Art St. Louis. “Visitors to Des Peres Hospital will be presented with a unique sampling of art from local artists, unlike any they can find in any art institution in our area, let alone in a medical facility.” 

Art @ Des Peres Hospital is organized and managed by Art Saint Louis and features 138 artworks from 20 artists on multiple floors within the hospital. The exhibit opens November 1 and includes photography, paintings and mixed media.  All art will be accompanied by a show tag with the title of the piece, the artist’s name and location, and description of medium.  Program guides will help visitors take a self-guided tour.  Details are available online at