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Des Peres Hospital Designated Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery
by Des Peres | May 20, 2009

(St. Louis) --  Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri has designated Des Peres Hospital a Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery.  To date, more than 230 facilities nationwide have received a Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery designation.

Obesity is widely recognized as a contributor to serious health risks.  According to the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ), the total number of bariatric surgeries increased 400 percent from 1998 to 2004.  Bariatric surgery may help some individuals reduce extreme obesity and its associated health risks, and Blue Distinction provides objective information to help them make informed decisions when choosing a provider.

“We are pleased that our hospital has been recognized by Blue Cross Blue Shield for the high quality bariatric care that we provide,” said Michele C. Meyer, chief executive officer of Des Peres Hospital.   “Our multidisciplinary team of bariatric surgery professionals strives to provide patients with the tools, support and education they need to achieve a healthier lifestyle.”

Through it’s MyNewSelf Surgical Weight Loss Program, Des Peres Hospital provides a full range of bariatric surgery care services, including laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding, laparoscopic gastric bypass and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, post-operative care, outpatient follow-up, nutrition counseling and patient education. More information about the program can be found at

To be designated as a Blue Distinction Center for Bariatric Surgery, Des Peres Hospital met the selection criteria posted at, which, includes:

  • an established bariatric surgery program, actively performing these procedures for the most recent 12-month period and performing a required minimum volume of 125 such surgeries annually
  • appropriate experience of its bariatric surgery team
  • an acute care inpatient facility, including intensive care and emergency services
  • full accreditation by The Joint Commission, Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP) or national equivalent**
  • a comprehensive quality management program

Blue Distinction is a designation awarded by Blue Cross and Blue Shield companies to medical facilities that have demonstrated expertise in delivering quality healthcare. The designation is based on rigorous, evidence-based selection criteria established in collaboration with expert physicians’ and medical organizations recommendations. Today, more than 800 Blue Distinction Center designations have been awarded to facilities nationwide, providing consumers with a framework for making informed decisions on where to go for specialty care in the areas of bariatric surgery, cardiac care, complex and rare cancers, and transplants.

Note: Designation as Blue Distinction Centers means these facilities' overall experience and aggregate data met objective criteria established in collaboration with expert clinicians' and leading professional organizations’ recommendations. Individual outcomes may vary. To find out which services are covered under your policy at any facilities, please call your local Blue Cross and/or Blue Shield Plan.

About Des Peres Hospital
Des Peres Hospital is a 167-bed acute care community hospital located at 2345 Dougherty Ferry Road, at the intersection of I-270 and Dougherty Ferry Road.  It has been serving the medical and health care needs of St. Louis County since 1974.  Des Peres Hospital provides quality medical and surgical services and programs, including senior care, heart care, bariatrics (surgical weight loss management), orthopedics and emergency care.  Des Peres Hospital is a fully-accredited Chest Pain Center, as recognized by the Society of Chest Pain Centers.

Des Peres Hospital is part of Tenet's Central Region and is accredited by the American Osteopathic Association’s Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program. 

About Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield in Missouri
In Missouri (excluding 30 counties in the Kansas City area), Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is the trade name of RightCHOICE® Managed Care, Inc. (RIT), Healthy Alliance® Life Insurance Company (HALIC), and HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates administer non-HMO benefits underwritten by HALIC and HMO benefits underwritten by HMO Missouri, Inc. RIT and certain affiliates only provide administrative services for self-funded plans and do not underwrite benefits. Independent licensees of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.  ® ANTHEM is a registered trademark of Anthem Insurance Companies, Inc. The Blue Cross and Blue Shield names and symbols are registered marks of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association.