Wound Care Center by Des Peres Hospital
Wound Care Center 

Let the Healing Begin...

For wounds that just won’t heal, there is help and hope.

The Wound Care Center by Des Peres Hospital treats patients with chronic or non-healing wounds associated with, among other things, diabetes, pressure ulcers, trauma and peripheral vascular disease.  Chronic wounds are those wounds that have not shown significant improvement with conventional treatment within 30 days or complete healing in eight weeks.

The Wound Care Center by Des Peres Hospital has a program  designed just for you.  Problematic and slow-to-heal wounds are treated using advanced, comprehensive, researched-based therapies in a comfortable outpatient setting.

Our team of friendly, specially trained doctors and nurses take a personalized approach to medical and surgical care using some of the most advanced wound care technologies available.

Our interdisciplinary care includes infectious-disease management, physical therapy, occupational therapy, laboratory evaluation, nutritional management, pain management, diabetic education, radiology testing, and debridement to address your total health.  In addition, we use hyperbaric oxygen therapy to reduce swelling, fight  infection, and build new blood vessels, ultimately producing healthy tissue.

Most wounds are completely healed within 8 weeks.



Typical Wounds Treated

Typical wounds treated include healing-resistant wounds caused by diabetes, poor circulation and other health-related conditions such as:

  • Diabetic Ulcers and Venous Ulcers
  • Sores That Develop on Arms and Legs Due To Inadequate Blood Flow
  • Gangrene
  • Wounds Caused by Surgical Incisions That Do not Heal Properly
  • Crush Injuries
  • Bone Infections and Osteomyelitis
  • Other Difficult-to-Heal Wounds


Wound Care Services

Our wound care services include:

  • Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
  • Surgical and Non-Surgical Debridement
  • Negative Pressure Wound Therapy
  • Application of Advanced Biological Skin Substitutes
  • Multilayer Compression Wraps
  • Total Contact Casting

Don’t let wounds keep you from enjoying life. Contact us!

We are located near the intersection of Manchester Road and Old Des Peres Road, in Des Peres Square across the street from the Lodge Des Peres. 



Our address is 1032 Old Des Peres Road,  Des Peres, MO 63131

Patients may be referred through their physician or by contacting the Wound Care Center directly at (314) 965-1346. Care will be coordinated with your primary care physician.

For more information, visit us at www.stlwoundcare.com

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