"I would like to take the time to commend the emergency room staff for the warm and most comfortable hospitality my family and I recieved. From the beginning of being registered in unto the very end of being discharged the entire staff was warm, personalble and friendly. This is the type of service and treatment that is needed at all times, especially when coming in with an ill loved one. Thank you so much for your concern and commitment that each of you have shown for the lives, health and well being of those that need your services. Please keep up the good work. It is truly appreciated. "

Ava --Valley Park



"Good morning Mr. Jansen:

I am quite certain you will not remember me, however; we crossed paths when my mother had Cardiac Ablation Surgery at the Des Peres Hospital.  I was wandering around wondering why the top floor was the way out of the building.  You were kind enough to give me directions and help me find my way around your hospital.  I will tell you my mother had excellent care while at your hospital and her procedure went well.  She was in town from Arkansas because she had a failed attempt at the same surgery and we brought her to St. Louis.  Needless to say she is recovering wonderfully and has returned to Arkansas.

Thanks for your time.  In any event we really appreciate the excellent care we got for my mother."

Suzanne - Ballwin




"Just wanted to let you know (my mom) felt like a princess, being spoiled rotten while in your care.  She gets sprung today sometime and she looks great.  She has a bandage on her knee, but no real swelling or bruising (yet).  To look at her, you would never know that she had just had her knee replaced, I find that amazing! You have a great hospital! "

Jayne- Des Peres



 "Kristen was my (patient care) tech while I was recovering from surgery. She has a wonderful personality and sense of humor and took great care of me.  She made my stay at Des Peres Hospital a very pleasant one.  The world needs more nurses like her!"

Sharon - Eureka 



"I want to thank you for your attention and concern during my stay at Des Peres Hospital.  I can honestly say that on a scale from 1-10, the staff (from surgeons ,RNs, techs, PTs, OTs, food service, admitting, etc.), facility, and overall experience was a 9.  I operate on the belief that no one is perfect so a rating of 9 (possibly 9+) is something to be quite proud of.  

My surgeon was brilliant yet comforting.  The Anesthesiologist was reassuring.  Instead of what could have been a traumatizing experience, the surgery staff made me feel like this was the best decision I could have made for myself and that I didn't have a care in the world.   Post-op......I felt like a celebrity, royalty, and a child rolled into one. 

Every person who I interacted with on ANY level of care, acted with the utmost professionalism, compassion, and spirit unlike any other health care facility I've seen.  I need to express how impressed I am with the fine group of individuals I was blessed with meeting. They didn't miss a beat. They made me laugh, smile, and honestly feel cared for. "

Kristina – St. Louis



"I wanted to reach out regarding our experience in the ER Saturday Morning around 3:00 am. My daughter cut her hand and required stiches.  She has been to several ERs over the past few years -- none of the experiences have been very good or positive. This was our first visit to Des Peres Hospital’s ER.  The ER doctor and nurses were amazing with her -- they made her feel comfortable, explained things to her with respect and compassion. This restores my faith in the medical field. Thank you so much for the amazing treatment of my daughter!"

Pat - Ellisville