Inpatient Information 


Your Hospital Team

The Medical Staff                                         

The physician who admits you is responsible for directing your care while you are in the hospital.  Your physician, as the coordinator of your treatment program, should be consulted if you have questions about your illness.

The Nursing Staff 

A team of professional registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and nurse assistants provides 24-hour nursing care.  A nurse manager is responsible for directing and coordinating nursing care on each unit.

Information regarding nurse staffing schedules is available to the public.  This information may be accessed by requesting in writing “Request for Staffing Information” and presented to the Nurse Administrator.  The information regarding current inpatient stays will be provided within 2 hours of request during the day or within 4 hours on evenings, nights, weekends and holidays.

For requests unrelated to a pending or current stay, the hospital will respond to a written request for these records within seven (7) business days after receipt.  All records will be made available on hospital grounds.  If the hospital is unable to provide the requested records in the time frame required, the hospital shall notify the individual making the written request of the reason for the delay and the date by which the requested records shall be made available.

Spiritual Care

Patients of all faiths are encouraged to receive visits and spiritual or sacramental support from their own clergy, and they are always welcome to use the services of our Spiritual Care department. If your own spiritual advisor is unavailable, ask your nurse to contact Spiritual Care for you.  The hospital also has a Chapel on the second floor.


The hospital maintains a staff of full-time registered dietitians to meet your dietary needs during your stay.

Social Workers/Case Managers                                              

Social workers/case managers are assigned to each patient care area and are trained to help patients and family members deal with financial, social and emotional problems that relate to illness or hospitalization.

Patient Accounts 

A representative from Patient Accounts can answer any questions about financial policies and billing procedures at the hospital.


A member of the housekeeping staff cleans your room daily.


Volunteers contribute many hours of service to the hospital.  They supplement the services of the hospital staff in many ways.  Volunteers can be identified by their nametags.

Other Personnel                                                                                  

During your stay, many other healthcare professionals, including for example, personnel from the Laboratory, Physical Therapy or Radiology departments may visit you.  In addition, the Des Peres Hospital family includes many behind-the-scenes staff, such as engineers, secretaries, food service workers and others who contribute greatly toward your well-being while you are here.

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Your Accommodations

Your Room                                                                                         

Your room assignment at Des Peres Hospital is based upon your admitting diagnosis and the bed availability on the day of your admission.


Telephones are provided in each room, except in the Critical Care units.


Complimentary color television sets with access to local programming are provided in each room.

Food Service                                                                           

Wholesome, nourishing and well-balanced meals are an important part of your treatment and recovery.  Des Peres Hospital makes every effort to provide nutritious meals that are prepared to your doctor's orders.

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Special Services

Des Peres Hospital offers a variety of special services to make your stay as pleasant and as comfortable as possible.  These include:


The nursing staff delivers letters and packages for patients. Letters and parcels that arrive after you have been discharged are forwarded to your home. For your convenience, outgoing mail may be deposited in the mail box at the main entrance to the hospital.


Newspapers may be purchased from the stand near the cafeteria.  Complimentary copies of USA Today are available on each division for patient use.

Notary Public                                                                                  

 The services of a notary public are available for patients as a complimentary service.

For the Hearing Impaired                                                                 

A telecommunications device is available to help hearing-impaired patients or patients who want to communicate with a hearing-impaired relative or friend.  Arrangements can also be made to have a person who uses sign language help a hearing-imparied or deaf person.


The hospital has access to interpreters for a number of foreign languages should a patient require it.

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