Otolaryngology and Facial Plastic Surgery Contact Us 

We recommend contacting our office prior to finalizing your rotation dates with the medical education department.  There are some weeks that not all attendings are in the office, and we would like for you to have the most representative visit with us as possible.

If you choose to rotate with us, your first day of rotation will be at our Des Peres office at 2315 Dougherty Ferry Road, Suite 103, St. Louis, MO  63122.
Surgical days are usually Tuesday and Friday.  You should consider getting an OR schedule the week before in order to ascertain what cases are scheduled so you can be prepared.

If you are applying for the ENT position, we would like you to prepare the following:

  1. A case report.
  2. A 5 minute PowerPoint lecture on a basic ENT subject.  Please don’t select a complex subject such as vertigo.
  3. Present to the attending, 1 or 2 patients from the clinic you observed.
  4. Please bring some sort of CV with as much information as you are able to give us so we have that for our files, as well as a photo for reference. 

You will receive a PDF of what we would like for you to have as a curriculum for the time frame that you are here. 

Contact us:  entresidencydespereshospital@stl-ent.com