Orthopedic Surgery 

The training program will consist of a period of four years of specialized training in Orthopedic Surgery.  This will be achieved through supervised technical training and instruction as well as study in the basic sciences that apply to Orthopedic Surgery. 

The program contains the necessary components to satisfy the requirements of the American Osteopathic Association and the American Osteopathic Academy of Orthopedics and, if successfully completed, may qualify the resident to be Board Eligible.

Orthopedic Surgery training will include the teaching of general common known diagnoses, pre-and post-operative care and allied health subjects as related by other departments.  This will be supplemented by conferences, seminars, lectures, videos, audiotapes, programs and all meetings required by the hospital general residency training program.

The speed by which the resident is allowed to advance in actual work at the operating table will be determined by the resident's technical ability, judgement, attitude, knowledge of methods, all of which will be accelerated in proportion to study and teaching program.

Please rotate as early in the academic training year as possible:  July, August and September are the preferences of the trainers.  This will allow for the best opportunity to work with all of the orthopedic trainers. You MUST spend at least a 2-week rotation on the Orthopedic service at Des Peres Hospital to qualify for an interview.

Applications for internship-residency in Orthopedic Surgery will only be accepted from medical students who:

1) have Board scores at 70% or higher

2) are ranked at the top 40% of class

3) have submitted ERAS application no later than September 30

4) must rotate at Des Peres Hospital for a minimum 2-week rotation.

You will be notified if an interview will be granted.

Intern Interview Day is Saturday, November 3, 2012.