Family Medicine Continuity Clinic 
Cedar Hill Offices 


Cedar Hill Family Medicine serves as the osteopathic family medicine residency clinic training site and is the central focus and back bone of the osteopathic family practice resident’s continuity of care experience. The Clinic is located 23 miles southwest of Des Peres Hospital. 


Five board-certified DOs train residents and medical students at this site.  The Continuity Clinic is a priority of this residency.  PGY-I residents complete ½ day continuity clinic per week throughout the entire year regardless of the assigned rotation.  PGY-2 and 3 residents complete a minimum of 312 half days during the final 24 months.  Every effort is made to provide continuity with their assigned panel of patients. Residents are taught to walk their patients to the scheduling desk and make every attempt to reschedule the patients to promote continuity of their care as well as the training of the residents.

Cedar Hill Family Medicine is self contained to provide the ambulatory education and patient care elements required of the residency.  In recent years, various specialists (Orthopedics, Nephrology, General Surgery) have started seeing referred patients at Cedar Hill which has assisted in the residents following their patients more closely even when referred to a specialist for care.

Each resident has their assigned panel of designated patients and are responsible for the comprehensive health care needs of their patients.  New patients are assigned to promote variety and scope to the panel. All residents care for patients with somatic dysfunction.

On average, PGY-1 residents see 6 patients per ½ clinic day:  PGY-2s see 8 and PGY-3s see 10.   As the skill and proficiency of the resident improves, an increasing daily patient load is assigned.