Family Medicine Residency 

The Family Medicine Residency at Des Peres Hospital is a three-year, AOA-accredited Osteopathic Family Medicine and Manipulative Treatment program.  It was established in 1976 and is approved by the AOA for 9 positions.  Since its inception, the program has achieved 100% Board Certification passage by its graduates.


The residency program has a blend of a suburban hospital and rural ambulatory based rotations.  The Resident’s Continuity Clinic is at Cedar Hill Family Medicine located 23 miles southwest of Des Peres Hospital in the community of Cedar Hill.  It is a rare opportunity to get experience in both urban and rural settings in one program. Our program also offers the opportunity to learn in a small community-based teaching hospital with all the perks of living in a large metropolitan area.  We offer a friendly, collegial environment conducive to a positive medical education learning environment.

The didactic experience of the residency includes a weekly Journal Club and conferences held at the Continuity Clinic 2-3 times per week.  Informal education takes place daily with a “Doctor of the Day” solely responsible for facilitating the learning of the medical students and residents.  Visit our link didactics to learn more about the learning opportunities available. 

Value-added training includes access to multiple primary care physicians as well as specialists on site at the Continuity Clinic.  Residents are allowed and actively encouraged to participate in procedures.  The patient population at the Continuity Clinic is large and diverse, allowing for a broad range of patient encounters and a great variety of pathologies.   Cedar Hill Family Medicine has Electronic Medical Records with a great opportunity for residents to receive practice management experience.  A long term care facility is adjacent and linked to Cedar Hill Family Medicine, allowing the resident to gain experience in the care of the aged over a three year period of time.

We have a large faculty of osteopathic and allopathic physicians who are dedicated to teaching in the hospital and ambulatory sites.

IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT THOSE INTERESTED IN APPLYING TO THE FAMILY MEDICINE RESIDENCY ROTATE AT THE CEDAR HILL CLINIC PRIOR TO INTERVIEWS.  A $2,000 sign-on bonus is available to those residents matching with Des Peres Hospital to our Family Medicine Residency.

You may contact the program director, Dr. Joseph Eickmeyer at (636) 274-3227.