Community Programs 

We serve patients and families in our hospital, but also reach out to members of the community with health and wellness seminars, events, screenings and blood drives, as well as other community activities.

Here is a list of upcoming events:

Alleviating Knee and Hip Joint Pain --  Pain in a joint often arises due to cartilage damage, either from injury or general wear and tear. As a result, the joint becomes less mobile and even more painful. Learn the causes, symptoms and treatment alternatives for knee and hip osteoarthritis pain, including therapy, diet, medications and surgical techniques. Call 1-888-457-5203 to register.  All classes held at Des Peres Hospital in conference room 2 at 6 pm. 

  • Wednesday, December 16, Dr. Bradley

Pre-Operative Joint Class -- Already scheduled for knee or hip replacement surgery at Des Peres Hospital?  Attend our pre-operative class to learn what to expect while you are in the hospital and after surgery. Classes held weekly. Call 314-966-9131 for more information.

Surgical Weight Loss Seminars -- Multiple times during the month. Learn more about weight loss surgery options with the team from MyNewSelf and a surgeon.  Call 1-866-573-5673 to register for these free seminars.

Blood Drive -- Des Peres Hospital is hosting a blood drive with Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center, an organization that supplies blood products to hospitals in the area, on Friday, December 18, from 10 am to 2 pm.  To Register, please visit